Fileman enables lawyers to easily manage and securely store closed files.

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As a Fileman client you will no longer endure the hassles of managing and storing closed matter files. We visit our clients regularly to collect any closed files that are ready for storage. Files are transported to our secure facility for barcoding, cataloguing and digitisation, providing you with an online library of matters that can be easily managed.   

Files sent to Fileman can be accessed any time through your practice management system or you can quickly search files online via the Fileman portal. Through the portal you can simply request retrievals, insert documents, view files and authorise destruction. 

This means NO MORE filing, NO MORE scanning, NO MORE updating spreadsheets and NO MORE archiving! Fileman takes care of it all.


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Fileman is a unique Cloud based file management solution specifically designed for lawyers. Our systems are efficient and allow users to effectively manage files online with minimal effort. We manage the labour intensive tasks associated with retrieving files and processing documents for secure storage so users can spend their time on billable activities.

Our single fee per matter approach means law firms can capture and pass on the cost of file archiving to clients as a legitimate and recoverable disbursement.

Fileman can integrate with practice management software and will automatically generate a disbursement to the clients’ ledger for firms to recover costs.


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Fileman securely stores your physical and digital files Free of Charge* for seven years, providing you with greater peace of mind knowing that your important files are safe and secure.

Our all-inclusive service means you won't get charged recurring fees for storage. Firms will see significant savings if currently using self-storage or traditional archiving providers whereby fees are charged per box each month.  

When Fileman collect your files they are transported to our secure storage facility which is equipped with CCTV, Access Control Systems, long and short range motion sensor alarms, perimeter fencing and fire suppression systems. When transferring files to digital format, documents are imaged and stored on our servers in a lossless and uncompressed format to safe guard against any future changes in technology.    

*Subject to an active account.


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At Fileman, we understand the importance of having easily accessible information so we have made our retrieval process quick and easy for you and available anytime. Files can be retrieved as a PDF online, and at ZERO COST! Retrieving a file is as simple as clicking a button or is just a phone call away. Physical file retrievals can be sent to you via our DX or courier service and you will only pay for the delivery of the file to your office.   

Firms can expect to receive physical file retrievals within 24-48 hours. For online PDF retrievals, the file will be made available to download from the Fileman portal within 2-4 business hours.


For a customised solution for your firm contact us today by clicking the find out more button below and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours.