Fileman software can integrate with
Practice Management Systems


To add further efficiency to your workflow, Fileman can seamlessly integrate with Practice Management Systems so that you can work with just one system to open and close a matter.

Once Fileman receives your closed files they are catalogued and made available through the electronic matter in your Practice Management System. When you first create the matter, the Fileman 'File and Retention fee' will automatically be captured against the Client ledger within the matter so that you can easily recover the costs when you bill your client. 

For customers who use LEAP Cloud, you will also have the ability to integrate multi-functional devices to your Practice Management System. This means that you can scan files direct to your LEAP matter without any issues. No MORE scanning in parts, no MORE scanned email attachments, and best of all you can automatically capture the costs associated with print and copy.    

Fileman integration with Practice Management Systems can include:

  • Cost recovery software
  • Free scanner or printer
  • Regular file collection  
  • Barcoding & cataloguing
  • Digitisation
  • A Cloud based portal of all your matters
  • FREE PDF retrievals & document inserts
  • Seven years secure storage
  • File destruction

To hear more about how Fileman can integrate with your current infrastructure, contact us or click the find out more button below.


And it's all at ZERO COST to the firm!